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Azathoth...? by Lost-of-Existence Azathoth...? by Lost-of-Existence
The last of the raster pics that I care to put up here is one that you had to make using Photoshop alone. Like the name implies, I got inspiration to make this from HP Lovecraft, or to be more specific, his fictional deity, Azathoth. I'll just use this quote to sum it up:

"[O]utside the ordered universe [is] that amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of all infinity—the boundless daemon sultan Azathoth, whose name no lips dare speak aloud, and who gnaws hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond time and space amidst the muffled, maddening beating of vile drums and the thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes." -from The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

Lovecraftian horror is a different kind of horror from what most people are accustomed to. The protagonist isn't trying to escape a serial killer, or exorcise a vengeful spirit, or fending for themselves in the wake of some catastrophe. We're pitted against entities that are BEYOND COMPREHENSION, and are forced to face the reality of our own insignificance against the vast cosmos. The stories are depressing, and a bad ending is mandatory. But if you're into tales about mankind's visceral fear of the unknown, they might shake you.

But anyway, I figured that if the deities of Lovecraftian lore were these terrible beings BEYOND COMPREHENSION, they'd probably have different views of horror on their own. The stringy mass in the pic isn't scary to us, but maybe some aliens on a far off world are hiding in their closets at the site of this. =P It wasn't the most glamorous pic I made for the class, but the teacher liked the lighting, so I can't complain.

Reviews are appreciated!! :D
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tausill Featured By Owner May 3, 2016
also grind your gear from this words of wisdom…
tausill Featured By Owner May 3, 2016
used this art for my words of wisdom.. would you care to check? aesthetically poetic.. also i have dark side of the world.. about antarctica.. flow of history.. and many more.. almost all.. also have questionable justice.. please do check labels on right side of page.. also.. read notice to readers on left side.. archives on lower left..… and please share.. check on your free time.. won't waste your time on an execrable manner.. use desktop pls.. as you won't see the art from all my post.. those others.. worth of the word beings truly is ascension.. you'd love it.. thank you so much also.. had added credits.. thank you
lordmep Featured By Owner May 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
This is a unique Azathoth design. Less of a hideous abomination and more of a god "beyond comprehension".
XlegendariumX Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Lost-of-Existence Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2011
Holy crap, thank you so much! :D
LisaCat Featured By Owner May 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist

I'm not a Lovecraft fangirl, but I do enjoy (in that shuddery, creepy-tastic way) many of his themes and concepts. Azathoth is one of his more bizarre creations...and one that tends to get ignored in favor of Great Cthulhu far too often ^^ Perhaps because Chtulhu's physical form is more comprehensible than the chaos that is Azathoth...but whatever the reason, I'm glad to see the ol' Sultan gettin' some love ^^

The back layers have a fractal aspect that works really well with the subject matter (makes me think of a truly 'infinite' being)
The use of all sorts of colors in the front layers are a nice way to tie in that he's chaotic across the visual spectrum as well - too often it seems that Azathoth is simply a black or greenish/grey mass, which seems to orderly for him ^^
But my favorite part of this piece has got to be the eye in the center. Made from tentacles, yet clearly evoking a sense of watching - and it's so unsettlingly human as well! No wonder your teacher liked it!
Lost-of-Existence Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2011
I actually didn't tell the teach I got inspiration for this from Azathoth, and looking back on it, it probably would've made it more powerful had I brought it up. And it's interesting that you see an eye, because I didn't put one in there intentionally. :o
But thank you again, and I agree. Azathoth doesn't get the recognition he deserves, and Cthulu is overused. I wouldn't mind seeing some other ancient beings crop up more, like Y'golonac and Ubbo-Sathla, but I digress. :P
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